Medical Use Copper Tubes

Mandev makes - Medical Grade "One End Expanded Copper Tubes" which save 3 joints out of every 4 joints in MGPS. This will enhance life of the Medical Gas Piping Systems, as well as take Health better care for resident of India.

Medical Grade Copper Tubes are the "TRACHEA" for patients, Which act as Respiratory Organs outside their body in Hospital Building And Medical Colleges

With continuous research and development taking place at Mandev Tubes, we have been able to innovate and develop the ONE END EXPANDED COPPER TUBE. The unique design helps eliminate a coupling cost, while joining the tubes. Not only it reduces costs by upto 82% comparing to regular tube installation cost, it prevents leakage by 50% and also help in saving 50% of your BRAZING COST.

Further as the tubes are of half hard temper, one can eliminate elbow cost, while joining the two tubes. Due to this uniqueness, it reduces costs by upto 100% compared to regular installation and also prevents leakage by 100%. These tubes can be easily bent with the help of Mechanical bender.


Technical Details

Length and Diameter:
Minimum Length: 3 Mtr
Minimum Diameter: 10mm / Maximum Diameter: 108mm

Half-hard(R 250) & Hard(R 290)

Cleanliness & Residue:
All pipes should be internally and externally cleaned and should be free of particulate matter and toxic residues which shall then be capped individually at both ends to unable contamination. "Stress Relieved" one end expanded tubes meet the permissible cleanliness level of 0.20 mg/dm 2, for residue, confirming to EN-13348.

End Finish:
One end expanded tubes are supplied with a commercial saw cut with minimum burs as standard on one end, mechanically expanded & deburred on the other end without any extra cost cut to specific lengths as specified by the customers.

1. BS EN: 13348 : 2008
2. BS EN : 1057 : 2006
3. CU : DHP
4. CW : 204
5. Other similar standards

1. Spectro Chemical Analysis
2. Tensile Hardness
3. Eddy Current
4. Flattening
5. Flaring
6. Residue Testing

Certification & Approval:
1. ISO 9001 : 2015 - Quality Management Systems
2. ISO 14001 : 2015 - Environmental Management Systems
3. ISO 18001 : 2007 - Health and Safety Management Systems
4. RoHS Approved

Manufacturing Facilities:
1. Raw material Mother Tubes
2. Swaging
3. Drawing / Redrawing
4. Cutting
5. Deburring
6. Degreasing
7. Straightening
8. Bright Annealing

1. Polythene Sheet & Resin cloth
2. Polythene Sheet, Corrugation Sheet & Resin cloth
3. Polythene Sheet, Thermocol & Wooden Box

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